Behaviour in the Holy Place

The first and foremost duty of a pilgrim is to satisfy the Supreme Lord Hari. While traveling as a pilgrim, one should not be worried about pleasing society. There is no need to depend on social formalities or occupation or dress. One should remain always absorbed in the function of pleasing the Lord. Thus sanctified by thought and action, one is able to realize the Supreme Lord by the process of a pilgrim’s journey.(Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.1.19 purport)

Dhama Aparadha (Offences to be avoided while visiting a holy place)

  • To have contempt or disrespect towards the guru who is the revealer of the holy dhama.
  • To think that the holy dhama is temporary.
  • To commit violence towards any of the residents of the holy dhama, or to any of the pilgrims who come there, or to think that they are ordinary mundane people.
  • To perform mundane activities while living in the holy dhama.
  • Earning money by and making a business of Deity worship and chanting the holy name.
  • To think that the holy dhama belongs to some mundane country or province such as A.P., or to think that the dhama of the Lord is equal to a holy place connected with some demigod, or to attempt to measure the area of the dhama.
  • To commit sinful acts while in the dhama.
  • To blaspheme the shastras which glorify the holy dhama.
  • To be faithless and to think that the glories of the dhama are imaginary.